GAMGI 0.15
Image showing Sodalite mineral Structure of Sodalite, Pedro Isidoro, Master Thesis, Ašores University. Mineral Sodalite Na4Al3Si3O12Cl, belongs to group 218 P-43n, with a cP lattice and parameter a = 8.91 Angstrom. Sodalite has SiO4 and AlO4 tetrahedra present in approximately equal numbers, forming four-fold or six-fold rings. Discovered in 1806 in Greenland, Sodalite is a common constituent of lapis lazuli. Gnome on Ubuntu 10.04. Size: 92,042 bytes.

Image showing Berilo mineral Structure of Beryl, Pedro Isidoro, Master Thesis, Ašores University. Mineral Beryl Be3Al2(SiO3)6, belongs to group 192 P6/mcc, with a hP lattice and parameters a = 9.206 and c = 9.205 Angstrom. Its structural dominant feature are the hexagonal rings of six SiO4 tetrahedra, forming empty columns along the c axis. Pure Beryl is colorless, but it occurs in a diversity of colors. Red Beryl is extremely rare. Gnome on Ubuntu 10.04. Size: 104,665 bytes.

Image showing an Ice clathrate, type I, with host Using Atom->Select to select the atoms inside a graphic region. With Object->Select dialogs, lists of objects can be selected for all objects supported by GAMGI, using many different properties, logical operations, selecting objects by region or picking them directly, on a hierarchical tree or graphic area. These lists can then be manipulated using the other task dialogs. The structure represented is an ice clathrate, type I, 8M - 46H2O, with 46 water molecules tetrahedrally bonded, forming cages with 8 simple molecular species M trapped inside. Gnome on Ubuntu 10.04. Size: 141,466 bytes.

Image showing Stereographic projection of hexagonal Wurtzite With Plane->Create and then Plane->List, arbitrary lists of plane families can be easily created, either as poles, traces in stereographic projections, or as polygons in the other cell representations. The same functionality is available for crystallographic directions. The image shows a stereographic projection of hexagonal Wurtzite ZnS, with all planes from (-3 -3- 3) to (3 3 3), represented both as poles and traces, with Euler angles at 45, 45, 45 degrees. Gnome on Ubuntu 10.04. Size: 301,332 bytes.

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