GAMGI 0.10
Image showing the symmetry point group for fullerene C476 Symmetry point group, operations and elements, for cubic C476, a fullerene. GAMGI can determine all point groups of symmetry and symmetry operations, including improper rotations of any order, numerical precision permiting. The code is currently a bit slow but seems to be robust. Size: 37,294 bytes.

Image showing symbol characters extruded from a Truetype font. Symbol characters, extruded from a Vera Serif Truetype font, illuminated by a directional light, in a layer with perspective projection. With Euler angles for the text object set to (0,0,0), in a layer with orthographic projection, these 3D fonts will look exactly as a normal 2D bitmap font. Many thanks to Allen Barnett, Linas Vepstas (OGLFT, GLE libraries) which code we used, and the Freetype team. Size: 43,483 bytes.

Image showing solid (extruded) and wired (stroked) 3D fonts A wired, stroked font, digitized by Hershey, and a solid, extruded font, made with code from OGLFT and GLE libraries, using the Truetype Vera Serif font designed by Bitstream. The solid font is illuminated by two directional lights, one from the back, another from the front, plus a spot light pointing to the "G". Solid and wired texts are represented in different layers, so lights do not affect the wired text. Currently GAMGI supports 14 stroked and 10 extruded fonts. Size: 51,171 bytes.

Image showing Calcite (CaCO3) and crystallographic data Hexagonal conventional cell for Calcite (group R-3c), with 30 atoms inside (6 Ca, 6 C, 18 O), showing the Cell->Link dialog used to add atoms (and other structural objects) to cells, when the space group is known or otherwise just by entering the motif. The dialog exemplifies how to enter the Oxygen atoms, in Wyckoff positions e: for these positions only the x coordinate is needed, so y,z entries are automatically disabled. For each menu item describing a Wyckoff site, the number of generated positions per node and the site oriented point symmetry are also shown. Size: 76,714 bytes.

Image showing stereographic projection for cP and hP lattices Stereographic projection for cubic (left) and hexagonal (right, with c/a = 1.6333) primitive lattices, seen along [001] direction. Poles of all planes (in yellow) and traces of all directions (in blue) with indices in the range [-1,+1] are represented. Planes with one indice equal to -2 or 2 are also shown. Planes and directions projected in the half-sphere below are not visible. Stereographic projections can be represented in GAMGI for all Bravais lattices. Size: 27,913 bytes.

Image showing reciprocal lattice of orthorhombic I lattice Face centered reciprocal lattice (on white) of a body centered orthorhombic lattice (a=1.0, b=2.0, c=3.0), represented by 2 x 2 x 2 conventional cells. The primitive reciprocal lattice (on grey) of the corresponding primitive orthorhombic lattice is also shown. Each conventional cell of the face-centered reciprocal lattice contains 2x2x2 conventional cells of the primitive reciprocal lattice. Reciprocal lattices can be obtained in GAMGI for all Bravais lattices. Size: 24,657 bytes.

Screenshots for older releases can be found here.