1. Who are GAMGI copyright owners?

Copyright ownership was registered in 2001 for GAMGI 0.07.17 and in 2004 for GAMGI 0.09.28, by GAMGI first author, Carlos Pereira. Other contributors to GAMGI source code remain the sole owners of their copyright and are responsible for registering and defending them.

2. Under which license is GAMGI provided?

The C source code developed by the GAMGI project, that forms the core GAMGI program, is distributed under the terms of the GPL license. Perl and Python scripts developed by the GAMGI project are distributed under the terms of the BSD license. The documentation written by the GAMGI project and made available through its official site, is distributed under the terms of the GFDL license. Contributors are automatically abiding by these legal licenses when they contribute to the GAMGI project.

3. Is GAMGI code and documentation in the Public Domain?

No. Copyright owners retain full ownership of GAMGI code. According to current EU and US laws of intellectual rights, GAMGI code will be automatically Public Domain property only 70 years after the death of the authors.

4. Is GAMGI a trademarked word?

Since November 2005, the word GAMGI is a European Union trademark of Carlos Pereira, GAMGI first author. We believe this promotes long-term credibility and lends some legal protection to the project. In some countries, most notably Korea, GAMGI is a common personal name, so a trademark would not be enforceable.

5. Is there any guarantee that GAMGI woks?

No. There is absolutely no guarantee that GAMGI will work at all, much less that it will work correctly or as expected, and this includes everything related with GAMGI, namely the binary and script executables, the documentation, the data and the website functionality. In short, no liabilities. See GAMGI GPL license, for more details.