To run properly, GAMGI requires a graphics environment with with at least 16 bits per pixel, otherwise object selection with the mouse does not work, and using GAMGI becomes much more difficult.

GAMGI requires a 3-button mouse to work properly, as the mouse buttons are one of the ways to rotate, move and scale objects. With a 2-button mouse, users can configure the button order for example to discard scale and use move and rotate modes only.

GAMGI can be installed on any computer running Linux/Unix with the standard X Window System. GAMGI requires the following libraries: Gtk, Mesa, GtkGLext, Expat and Freetype.

Gtk, GtkGLext and GLU Mesa are distributed under the LGPL license. GL Mesa and Expat are distributed under the MIT (BSD-like) license. Freetype is distributed under the FTL (BSD-like) and GPL licenses.

Since release 0.13.2, GAMGI should run fine with any version of Gtk 2. Previous releases required Gtk 1. GAMGI should run fine with any version of Mesa or OpenGL but versions older that Mesa 6.4.2 are not recommended, due to light bugs. GAMGI should run fine with any version of Expat, Freetype 2 and GtkGlext.