This dialog lists all the systems that are compatible with the current settings in the entries System, Lattice and Group. When the settings are impossible, no systems are shown. When the entries are empty, all 6 systems are shown.

For each possible system, GAMGI lists its usual lower-case symbol, the common designation, the lattices available and the range of space groups where it occurs.

GAMGI uses the less common anorthic name to designate the triclinic system (as the International Tables for Crystallography do), to use a different letter (a) from the tetragonal system (t). GAMGI groups Hexagonal, Trigonal, Rombohedral in a single Hexagonal system (thus corresponding to the 6 crystallographic families of the International Tables for Crystallography).

Clicking on a listed option in the lattice dialog, has exactly the same effect as writing it directly on the System entry.